Gdzie kupić

B'laster LLC stands for an American manufacturer of automotive chemicals designed for DIY-men and professional garages. The company has operated on the American market uninterruptedly since 1957. The portfolio of products branded GUNK® and LIQUID WRENCH® has expanded with the dynamic growth of the automotive industry. Each new technical solution invented in the automotive industry drew a response: a specialist preparation designed to repair, preserve or operate the new component. The most recent achievements in vehicle repair technology assist, support or replace traditional methods, and often provide equally effective and significantly more affordable alternatives.

GUNK® stands for a wide range of products designed for cleaning and degreasing, useful in garages and repair shops. It represents the legendary American quality since 1924.

Penetrants, lubricants and rust removers branded LIQUID WRENCH® have been tested by thousands of users in the U.S.A., the world’s most demanding and largest automotive market.

ONDO (a private limited liability company) has been the exclusive distributor on the Polish market of LIQUID WRENCH® and GUNK® products for over 20 years, and since 2019 licensed manufacturer for certain countries in the European Union market.